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Posted on 24. Oct, 2007 by Pagog Genie in Creative

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Liz Hickok is a San Francisco based artist working in photography, video, sculpture, installation, and currently, Jell-O. The following photographs are from her exhibits featuring various San Francisco landscapes and Scottsdale, AZ Center of the Arts. The Jell-O sculptures decay quickly leaving only the photographs and a few videos to display her works of art. The following descriptions and some of the photographs are from Liz Hickok’s website. The other photos are from photographers who attended her exhibitions between 2004 and 2007.

San Francisco In Jell-O

Similar to making a movie set, Liz Hickok added backdrops, which were often painted, along with elements such as mountains or trees. The exhibit was dramatically lighted from the back or underneath.

Palace of the Fine Arts


Bay Bridge

Alamo Square

City Hall

Twin Peaks Neighborhood

Houses - Close Up

Landscape and City Photographs

Scottsdale in Jell-O

The Scottsdale in Jell-O project, was an assembly of hundreds of miniature buildings made of Jell-O, lit from below, and put on display for viewers to see and smell. The pieces represented both the existing area around the Civic Center and the envisioned areas around the new Waterfront development on the Arizona Canal, with future development cast as clear buildings and trees.

Scottsdale Ball Park

Civic Center

Intersection of Camelback and Scottsdale Road, along the Canal

Center of Performing Arts

City Hall

Source: Roxanne Ardary

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