Rocks that Rock

Posted on 11. Nov, 2007 by Pagog Genie in Amazing

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situated just off the coast of mie, japan, meoto iwa (wedded rocks) are meant to signify marriage, the larger being male and the smaller female. the rope connecting the rocks (the shimenawa) weighs over a ton and is replaced throughout the year during various ceremonies.

wedged between the walls of a mountain crevice in norway is a rock called kjeragbolten. the rock is often stood on by tourists for a crafty photograph whilst attempting not to look down at the 3000ft+ drop. i’m assuming the sheep/goat in the picture below was a local.

this precarious little bugger is a member of the brimham rocks family in north yorkshire, 50 acres of strange rock formations visited regularly by members of the public. the idol rock pictured weighs 200 tonnes and balances on a rock a fraction of its size.

situated in burma, the rock at this incredible buddhist pilgrimage site was (according to locals) placed on the cliff edge by spirits and the pagoda resting on top apparently contains a hair belonging to the buddha.

this brilliantly eroded mushroom rock formation resides in the aptly named mushroom rock state park in kansas. the park doesn’t just contain rocks shaped like mushrooms though, apparently there’s one that resembles a giant shoe.

rockall is an unsurprisingly uninhabited sea-rock in the north atlantic ocean and is also the most isolated part of the british isles. numerous landings have been made on the rock and various disputes have arisen over its ownership, a matter which is still unresolved.

i couldn’t find much information on the intertubes about this beast so forgive me. all i know is that you have to pay to get to the top and that the stairway that sits in the rock’s crevice must’ve been an absolute ball-ache to construct. click on the pic for a larger version and you’ll realise just how mental it is.

Source: deputy-dog

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  1. Iqbal Ahsan Alvi

    09. Dec, 2009

    An amazing collection of the amazing rocks, superb.

  2. Iqbal Ahsan Alvi

    09. Dec, 2009

    Really Rocking Rocks.

  3. ddsdsd

    02. Mar, 2010


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